Honey Buzzard reflects flavors from some very rewarding chapters of my life. It’s all about creating my original recipes that I marshalled while learning cooking in my mom’s kitchen, expanding the food experience through travels in over 30 countries and adapting a healthy lifestyle through my 33 kg weight loss journey.

Honey Buzzard

I am Shikha, a recipe developer, a health geek and believer of veggie power.

I feel I was born with an idea cooking brain, big travel feet, a soul searching for flavors and a body striving to stay healthy always. Cooking for me is an expression of my travel experiences. On this blog, I express my food moods by blending my home learnt recipes with food genetics from different cuisines.

My food looks like Sushi rolled with aromatic Indian rice, Pasta tossed in a savory curry or Falafel served in Indian street food style. Sounds like an unexplored palate, right? To make this tryst more interesting I hail my vegetarian recipes from a healthy cooking style. I don?t believe anyone can be healthier by eating less or less tasty!

Work with me!

I can collaborate with restaurateurs, meal plan providers, fellow chefs, or any food businesses to create recipes with a global or cuisine specific appeal. You can always expect my recipes to be inspired from the world, very veggie, mostly healthy and definitely tasty.

I specialize in creating recipes for a particular diet plan or health goal. Checkout some of my recipes Arabian Night Oats, Pesto Paneer Tikka & Indi Sushi published in Yogalife Aug 2019 edition. These are based on sattvic principles, structured in a format that appeals to the global yogic community.

By the way, all the food pictures on this blog are produced by me. If my food looks good to you, then I can also collaborate with you to style or click your food!

You can email me at honeybuzzard29@gmail.com or connect on Instagram @honeybuzzard29