Almond flour


GM, Paleo, South Beach, Blood type, Keto or any other. What diet are you on? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by so many diet routines making the rounds? And even more overwhelmed and confused by the different opinions about these diets. Some swear by these routines and some call them a fad. Being totally honest with you, through my 35 kilos of weight loss journey, I was never able to follow any of these diets for more than 2 days. Early on in my 12 years fitness journey I realized that there is no formula for fitness that works for everyone. Mostly, I worked with simple goals guided by my body intuitions and eating preferences. I always created a nutrition regime around my preferred foods, habits, schedule and requirements. However, I do bilieve in some logical nutrition concepts like “right protein intake”. Unfortunately, in early years of my weight loss…