clarified butter (ghee)


At breakfast time, Protein is bae for my family. Essentially, we eat 3 things for breakfast in rotation – Eggs, Protein Pancakes & Oats : ) Naturally it’s very important for me to invent new recipes around these 3 to keep it interesting and healthy! So, here I am sharing the latest and brightest oatmeal from my breakfast-innovation brain. Not just that in this recipe I am taking the healthy-ness to next level, venturing into the power of healing turmeric. This oats recipe is referenced from the Indian recipe turmeric milk, traditionally used for healing fresh wounds or ailing body aches. This bright yellow breakfast bowl looks like sunshine early morning and lights you up for the day literally. My dear, breakfast loving brigade, this recipe is totally “healthy checked” and “quick-cooking certified”! Still thinking what’s unique? Let me speedy spell again? This oatmeal is…. Cooked with the good Indian…

Well let’s start by a little food weakness of mine. I am a cottage cheese (paneer) lover, hence I am innovating cottage cheese snack ideas every now and then. Lately, I have been creating cottage cheese snack ideas with sundried tomatoes, as they give a contemporary and contrasting touch to the Cottage Cheese cubes, but retain the traditional savoury-ness that works perfect with cottage cheese. This time I am creating a creamy curry cottage cheese bowl with sundried tomatoes and fennel seeds. Yes, that is the twist! You got to taste how the dried tomato tang fuses with the fresh aroma of fennel. Most of all this recipe is a quick one to cook, perfect protein poke bowl and can be a great appetizer with cocktails.