Herbs of your choice (ex - mint, spinach, rosemary etc.)


What is your favorite tea snack? For me its “Mathis”. Let’s just say for a lot of Indians, Tea & Mathi are food fellas tied together for taste, just like Coke & fries or coffee & cake. A “Mathi” is a round shaped savory snack made by deep frying pieces of dough. This golden & crunchy salty Indian bite goes perfect with a hot cup of tea. Trust me on that one! It’s one of those snacks that you will always find on the snack rack of an Indian kitchen. It’s everybody’s binge therefore made at all festivals, weddings and also just like that. Keeping true to my taste heritage, Mathis remain a constant food craving for me. Till date when I go back home to India, my mom keeps my Mathi jar ready. But of course, we relish it with tea over lots of mommy and daughter chats. However,…