The Ramadan month is a very exceptional time in Dubai, exhibiting great character and respect for the religious ethos in this region. This is also a special month for food lovers in the city, as all restaurants serve a special Iftar menu every evening. Iftar evenings feel quite celebratory on Dubaiís food scene with some grand feasts being hosted by the big hospitality names. It beautifully brings together the fasting and the non-fasting people, being able to understand each otherís culture and enjoy the spirit of local cuisine. As the sunsets each Ramadan day, all the fasting Muslims devote their evening prayer and take the Iftar meal to break their dayís fast. Mostly they break their fast with a date or something light. I hold great respect for the people who demonstrate fasting perseverance the entire day, in the increasing summer heat, with a positive mind. For me Iftar signifies…