I would be lying if I said I didn’t notice Croatia because of Game of Thrones (GOT). Like many others, the unreal scenic shots of Kings Landing attracted me to find where is this place on earth?

Though once I was there, I realized that apart from the Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia, what a nature retreat the country is. But still, when in Croatia, its ritual for GOT fans to pay homage to all the iconic GOT shoot sites and relive the celluloid moments of the show.

You can easily get tour guides in Spilt or Dubrovnik at tourist spots to take you through Game of Thrones Croatia shooting locations. I decided to make it more interesting for me and my husband by setting out on a GOT scout ourselves like a true fan. Herein, before I take all the credit, I do want to mention the help I took from some more GOT fans who have shared their GOT scout on their blogs. Also, a big shout out to the larger GOT brotherhood wandering just like us in the streets of Old City, Dubrovnik and Diocletian Palace, Spilt. We all ended up finding and sharing Game of Thrones Croatia locations together and cheered to the craze.

Check out the Game of Thrones Croatia filming locations I scouted:

Minceta Tower, in Old City, Dubrovnik – This location was used as Kings Landing’s walls and as the House of Undying where Khaleesi enters in search of her stolen dragon babies.

Minceta Tower, Dubrovnik – where Khaleesi went in search of her Dragon babies
Honey Buzzard at the Minceta Tower, Dubrovnik

Diocletian Palace, Split – This location was used as 3 sets in GOT Season 4 & 5. Firstly, it was used for Khaleesi’s last scene in Season 4, for which a staircase was built with stone slabs. Secondly, it was used as the place where the Dragons were kept in Season 5. Third, it was used for a tavern scene in Season 5.

Diocletian Palace – Dragons were kept here in Game of Thrones, Season 5
Honey Buzzard at the Diocletian Palace

Stone steps in middle of Old City Dubrovnik – This is the location where Cersei’s infamous walk of shame was shot for the GOT Season 5 finale.

The stone steps where Cersei’s Walk of Shame was shot in GOT
Honey Buzzard at the stone steps, where Cersei’s Walk of Shame was shot

St. Dominic street – This is where several market scenes of GOT were shot.

St. Dominic Street, location for market scenes in GOT
Honey Buzzard at the St. Dominic Street

Lovrijenac Fortress, Dubrovnik – This fortress is situated on a 37m-high rock by the shore, this was used as the Red Keep and as the King’s Landing harbor.

Fort Lovrijenac – the King’s Landing Harbour in GOT
Honey Buzzard at Fort Lovrijenac, used as the King’s Landing Harbour in GOT

Pile Gate, Old City, Dubrovnik – Several King’s Landing city interiors  were shot here.

Pile Gate – King’s Landing city interiors in GOT
Honey Buzzard at Pile Gate

Several other familiar GOT shoot sites in Croatia

Finally I want to share a thought that I had while I was on my GOT scout in Croatia. It is unusual how Croatia lives it’s present with a mocked reality. Today, Game of Thrones Croatia stances seem to be a more dominating identity for the country than its true heritage. Hey but no one seems to be disliking it…. Such is GOT mania!

For more of my adventures in Split and Dubrovnik, check out the post Dalmatian Coast, from Split to Dubrovnik.


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